The old American cars of Cuba
(and a few others)

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(All photos copyrighted by Richard Smith. Non-commercial use ok with approval and attribution.)

Some notes: The old American and other cars in Cuba sometimes are frequently modified heavily to keep them running. An example (right column, fifth photo down), the gentleman is looking at a Muskovitch (Russian) engine in a Studebaker. The old Buicks often have had a diesel engine installed. But the old Ford (left column, six down) still has the original engine. Also it should be noted that Cubans are increasingly aware of the value of these cars, particularly when visiting Americans like myself become nostalgic about them. One company, Grancar, is making a business out of renting these cars to tourists, "Rentar una fantasia." For those with memories of 1957 Chevys when they were new, this company slogan is right on target. main photo page

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