Helping Jewish Cubans and other Cubans
(Although this website is no longer being updated, we will monitor this page to provide
contact information for you. However, some of the contacts may be outdated.)
We are frequently asked questions similar to these: "How can I help a Jewish family in Cuba?" - "How do I send medicine to Cuba?" - "What do people need?" - "Who can I contact to offer some help?" - "Can I help other religious groups?"

We are providing this page as a quick reference for those of you wishing to provide support to Cuba's Jewish communities and other communities throughout the country. Although our focus on this website is the revitalization of Cuba's Jewish communities, please remember that all religions were restricted for almost thirty years. A person could not be an observant religious person and a member of the communist party. Only in the early 1990s was this stricture removed. We encourage you to support all of Cuba's religious denominations.

For a humanitarian mission to operate in Cuba, some cooperation from the Cuban government must be established. We are aware of the argument that any cooperation can be interpreted as support for communism. However, we do not make political judgments concerning the methods used by any of these groups to get needed health, educational, or religious supplies into the hands of individual Cubans.

Cuba-America Jewish Mission

Rabbi Elhanan 'Sunny' Schnitzer
Cuba-America Jewish Mission
6601 Bradley Blvd.
Bethesda MD 20817
(301) 469-8636

B'nai B'rith
Religious humanitarian missions to Cuba - For information contact Cuban Jewish Relief Project
Phone: 800-656-5561 - E-mail:

Canadian Jewish Congress

40 years of support to Cuban Jewry