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Around 1895, my grandfather’s uncle, Jacob Alhadeff, moved to Cuba from Istanbul, Turkey (his birthplace). Eventually, he moved to the USA, and died in Georgia in 1948.

We do not know what became of Jacob's brother, who also came to Cuba. His name was Rafael Alhadeff. My family thinks that Rafael died around 1920. This has left unanswered questions:

When did Rafael Alhadeff actually die?
Where is Rafael Alhadeff buried?
Did Rafael Alhadeff have children?
Are there any Alhadeffs living in Cuba today?

This ongoing search has propelled me to make this web page—devoted to reconnecting with family in Cuba. I hope you find the information of value.

I would like to add information to this web site! I am seeking:

1. Lists of Jewish burials in Cuba.
2. Lists of Jewish births, deaths, or marriages in Cuba.
3. Any other lists of names!

Please note:

• I do not speak Spanish.
• I do not have any information regarding Cuba beyond that which you will find on this web page or on other “JewishCuba” web pages.

I hope you find this web page of value to you!

Dan Kazez

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