Patronato Synagogue

The rebirth of Judaism in Cuba is symbolized by this photo of three young people conducting services at the Patronato Synagogue in Havana. A more telling comment is that the two young men are now in Israel, and the young woman is in Chile.

Botton-Behar family

Four generations of the Botton-Behar family, descendants of Turkish-Sephardi Jews, in Santiago de Cuba.

Abraham's kosher butcher shop

Abraham Berezniak's (may he rest in peace) kosher butcher shop, Old Havana.
Jews who keep kosher are given 3/4 of a pound of meat every two weeks.


Grandmother and grandson in Cienfuegos, a port city 150 miles from Havana with a 20-person Jewish community.


Manual and Genova Feldhandler, Cienfuegos. Feldhandler came from Poland to Cuba as a young boy in the 1920s. He stayed, married and raised a family, and is now retired.


Young men putting on tefillin in Orthodox Temple Adath Israel in Old Havana.

Elazar Bennado

Elazar Bennado, of blessed memory, removes the Torah from the Ark at Temple Adath Israel.

Guantanamo and other photos