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Jose Cohen

Case History:

Jose Cohen has been separated from his wife, Lazara Brito, his three children, Yanelis (16 years old), Yamila (13 years old) and Isaac (8 years old) for six years. He also had been separated from his parents, Isaac and Daisy Cohen Levy, for the same period of time. All of the family members in Cuba have received U.S. Visas, but are denied the necessary exit permits by the Cuban government.

Lazara Brito Cohen has written to all the highest levels of the Cuban government -Fidel Castro, Ricardo Alarcón (President of the National Assembly of the People's Power) and Carlos Lage (Vice-President, and former chief economic strategist); as well as to important religious leaders, such as Jaime Cardenal Ortega, prelate of the Catholic Church in Cuba; Jose Miller, President of the Jewish Community in Cuba, and both the Cuban and U.S. leadership of the National Council of Churches.

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There has no definitive or satisfactory response from any of these sources. Furthermore, the eldest daughter, Yanelys, has been prevented from continuing her schooling. Yamila, the youngest daughter, has been forced to take part in "pro-Elian", anti-U.S., protest in front of the U.S. Interest Section in Havana.

Additionally, Dr. David Cohen, his brother, was dismissed from his position in a clinic in 1993 for wearing a Star of David; and despite being in possesion of a Visa for exit to, and residency in, the Dominican Republic, is denied the required exit permit. Dr. David Cohen's wife is Dominican.

The Cohen's family in Cuba lives at the following address:
calle 15, # 505, entre D y E, apto. 7, Vedado, Ciudad Habana, Cuba, Tel.:32 08 03.

Visa Status: All persons in question have U.S. Visas; all are denied exit permits by the Cuban government.

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