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All requests to visit the Jewish community in Cuba should be addressed to:

Adela Dworin
Vice President of Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba
El Patronato
Calle I, #259, Esquina 13
Vedado, Ciudad de la Habana 10400
Phone: (537) 832-8953
Fax: (537) 33 3778

Adela Dworin
Adela Dworin, Vice President of
Casa de la Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba

Addresses and Phone Numbers
(53 is the Cuba long distance code; 7 is the Havana code.)


Patronato Synagogue exterior - Fred Weiner photo

The Patronato reopens!
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El Patronato - la Casa de la
Comunidad Hebrea de Cuba

Synagoga Beth Shalom (Conservative)
Calle I Esq. 13, Vedado, Ciudad de la Habana, CP 10400, Cuba.
Tel: (537) 832 8953, Fax: (537) 33 3778

Adela Dworin, president

Cuban Jewish Community official web site:

Jose Levy Tur of Havana's Sephardic congregation.
Mindy Shapiro photo.

Centro Sefaradi (Conservative)

President Dra. Mayra Levy
Vice President Dra. Esther Jequin 

Calle 17 esquina Calle E,
Vedado, La Habana 10400
Tel: (53) (7) 832-6623

Link to article on Centro Sefaradi

Also located here:
Mitrani Senior Day Care Center
 Holocaust Museum

Chevet Achim

(built in 1914,
oldest synagogue in Cuba)

Inquisidor entre Luz y Santa Clara
Habana Vieja
La Habana 10100
Phone: 53 (7) 8 32-6623

(This building, owned and maintained by Centro Sefardi, is closed and not used for ritual or community purposes. It may be viewed by appointment. Contact Jose Levy Tur - address and phone above.)

Paul Margolis photo

Mindy Shapiro photo

Adath Israel (Orthodox)

Picota 52 esquina Acosta,
Habana Vieja, La Habana 10100
Phone: 53 (7) 861-3495

Services at Adath Israel
Dan Heller provides a photo essay and historical material on Cuba's Jewish communities.
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Santiago de Cuba

Communidad Hebrea Hatikva (Conservative)

President Elias Vilat
Corona 273, e/Habana y Los Maceo,
Santiago de Cuba, 90100
Tel: (53) (22) 686180  or (53) (22)-624913,
The first website for a congregation in Cuba

Services in Santiago - Fred Weiner photo

Reina looks at the future temple - the old one is occupied. Fred Weiner photo.


Comunidad Hebrea Teferit Israel
Andres Sanchez #365
e/ Capdevila Y Joaquin Aguero
(322) 84639 or (322) 291794

First new synagogue building since the revolution
Link to story by John Josephs
Link to story by David Abel

Santa Clara

Comunidad Tikun Olam
Santa Clara, Villa Clara

President David Tacher Romano
(011) 53 563156 mobile

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June Safran photo
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Children of the Cienfuegos community - June Safran Photo
Click here for another photo of Cienfuegos


Calle 39 #5001 e/ 50 y 52
Rebeca Langus, President   

Rodolfo Mizrachi, President 
Paseo Este #2211
e/ 4 y 5

The Esquenazi-Mizrahi clan makes up the bulk of the Jewish community of Guantanamo. They have returned to Judaism in recent years. Paul Margolis photo

(Looking for a photo and an address)


Bertha Sara Levy, President
Julio Rodrigues Eli, vice-president
Avenida 15 #1626 e/ 16 y 18
Caibarien, Villa Clara 

Marti #4, Indep #72
Enrique and Leon Balia 
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June Safran photo
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Sancti Spiritus

Jose and Elisa Barlia
Brigadier Reeve No. 2
Ave. de los Martires y
Isabel Ma de Valdiva
Sancti Spiritus
Tel : 2-5210

Gil Epshtein photo


Elena Perez Behar, President
Villenda #348 e/ Leon Y Astillero
Manzanillo, Granma
(023) 53586, (023) 53532

Our thanks to Moises Asis, June Safran, and Gil Epshtein for the information on this page.