Cuba Judaica
Five pages of photographs with personal comments

Photos 3

(All photos copyrighted by Richard Smith. No commercial or other use without permission
except by subjects of the photos and their families.)

Members of the Santa Clara community with a visiting Rabbi (lower left).
Alberto (back row with glasses) drove me through night-time Santa Clara on his Russian motorcycle.

David Tacher Romano, President of the Santa Clara community,
discusses the meaning of the Holocaust Memorial at the Santa Clara cemetary.

Viri (right) wants to be a professional photographer but has limited access to equipment.
Contact the webmaster if you would like to make a donation of equipment or suppplies.

Whither thou goest. Artwork at the Hotel Raquel in Havana, which has Jewish themes
throughout the hotel.

My friend Simon and some members of his family enjoy a Shabbat meal at the Patronato.

Photos 3

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